New Games & New bonuses for English sites!

New Game From Evolution Gaming

The top tier live casino provider; Evolution Gaming keeps on expanding on its fast-paced products. And in recent news, the game supplier revealed that they boosted its Lightning content with a new product. Although, initial speculation and thought were that the product next in line would be a Lightning Blackjack. By which they kind of already delivered with their super-fast Live Blackjack variant, that they launched in January 2020. However, instead, Evolution decided to take a different avenue and add Lightning Baccarat to its available offerings. Which might just be a stroke of genius from their part. Not sure why? Well stick around, and we will give you an explanation, not only of the game but why we thing Lightning Baccarat was the right move. Also make sure you keep an eye open for all English casino sites which might have an bonus offer with this game.

Quick facts on Lightning Baccarat

So what makes Lightning Baccarat different from a “normal Baccarat? First, of, the betting patterns remain, “Player”, “Tie”, and “Banker” as being the backbone of Baccarat. However, what’s new is the 1 to 5 random lightning multiplying cards that get drawn from a virtual deck of 52 cards on every hand. Meaning that, if your card you got match up with any of the 1 to 5 random multiplying card your win is consequently multiplied with that number that displays. That stretches from 3x to 8x. But here is the kicker, all of your 3 dealt cards can multiply. To explain, say that you have 3 of the Lightning cards matched up, they keep on multiplying. So let’s pretend that there are 3 cards with 8x showing and if we apply some quick math and you win 8x8x8=512x your stake.

Win £500,000 on a tie

Indeed, you actually have the chance to walk away with a £500,000 win! So say that you “Tie” with the bank and all cards represent in the Lighting cards as well, yes you guessed it, all keep on multiplying. With the same logic as a “Player” win 8x8x8x8x8x8x=262,144x your stake.

Easy to play Lightning Baccarat

Despite popular belief, Baccarat is fairly simple to understand. Sure it all looks complicated and fast-paced. But it will only take you a quick minute to learn the general rules of the game. However, you do need to know what type you play first. Which include Punto Banco (most common), Chemin de Fer, Baccarat en Banque, Super Pan 9, and Three Card Baccarat. That basically only have different draw rules and player interactions. But all in all the end game is the same, and you only need to keep track of 3 essentials “Player”, “Tie”, and “Banker.” And due to its easy interface and simple game rules, we at CasinoAdvisers think its perfect timing for live casino lovers to get in on the action and try your luck on Lightning Baccarat.

Evolution evolves

It was close to 2 years ago Evolution launched the Lightning series, starting with Roulette (2018) that followed by Dice (2019). And according to the Chief Product Officer of Evolution, Todd Haushalter they both have proven a great concept and fruitful to the company. And launching a Baccarat product was the natural step to take. Still haven’t tried any of the Lighting products? Well, before you do, always check out our campaign page for available casino bonuses to grab before you embark on your live casino venture.

Game providers struggle to meet UKGC requirements

Push Gaming reaches the UK shores

The competitive and harsh online casino climate in the UK has seen even the best game providers struggle to meet the UK Gambling commission’s (UKGC) requirements. And to receive an approval is a fether in any providers hat that should get worn with pride. As such, we like the be the first to welcome Push Gaming and its content to the UK. And according to the information at hand. It basically means that the content supplier now can grasp full control of its UK operation. Meaning that the now can self govern the delivery schedule and associated technology, and all that comes with a game host licence. So, what does it mean for you as an online casino player in the UK? Well, if you like to find out, simply continue reading the full article, and it all should be crystal clear.

From baby steps to a fully grown B2B supplier

So, what does it means for Push Gaming, but more importantly, what can we in the UK expect? First of, with its newfound latitude, the provider will find it easier to develop new in-game mechanics. But also build on its platform features. Telling us that, they now will be able to offer more precise and tailormade support for its customers. Plus, with its new licence, it indicates that it secure on a system that the UKGC trust. Which is the most important aspect, if you like to title yourself an established B2B provider.

Push Gaming already operates on top tier casinos

It might just be news for the UK player base. However, you have most certainly seen some of Push Gaming video slots as they feature on some of the bigger brand in the industry including Rizk, Wildz, and Casumo, to mention a few. Although, now you as a UK player are given the opportunity to enjoy the full force of Push Gaming’s vertical. Commenting on the development is Mario Petraglia, Director of Legal and Compliance at Push Gaming. “Push Gaming’s engaging catalogue of award-winning content has received multiple honours in recent times for its entertaining gameplay. As well as being licenced in six existing jurisdictions, its platform also supports the regulatory requirements of regulators in Alderney, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man.” But he also said that. “Our award-winning gaming content, propelling us from a boutique game developer to the ranks of a full-service supplier.”

Titles to check out

If you should happen to be new to the developer, you most definitely need to check out some of their more impressive titles like Fat Rabbit, Blaze of Ra, or Razor Shark to mention a few. And while you are at it, why not check out any of the operators we at Casino Advisers endorse, who knows, there might just be a casino bonus waiting for you! On that good news, let’s get the fun to begin.

Megaways to bring home the Bacon

Big winnings with famous games suppliers

Last year the online casino community learned that the veteran slot provider NetEnt acquired the innovating content supplier Red Tiger Gaming. That caused a lot of speculations across the board. Which got fans of both suppliers to jump of joy, and we’re looking forward to some fresh ideas and immersive content. And it sure didn’t take long for the collaborators to give the public what they wanted. As such, the latest title coming out from this partner work is Piggy Riches. But, before you say, “wait a minute, this is not a new title.” Well, if you thought just that, you are both right and wrong at the same time. On that conundrum, let us explore exactly what we are talking about.

Red tiger gaming adds its spin

First of all, the title as such is not new. However, what’s new is the way it got some important improvements and added features. Although don’t worry, if you still prefer the original version, the new release is a second edition of the same slot. Meaning that you can still play the first release as normal. But if you like to play the game as Red Tiger would have done it from day one you can also do that. So, without further ado, let’s get up from the mud and explore what the two sophisticated swine have in store for us this time.

First noticeable changes in Piggy Riches

you can’t miss that the familiar 5-reel 3-row layout is completely gone, alongside the 15 pay-lines. Instead, you are going to find a much more explosive grid of 6-reel and up to 7-rows on 117,649 pay-lines! But also, now featuring Red Tiger’s unique Smart Spins. And its immensely popular Daily Jackpot drop added to the slot. Yet, the more exciting feature they added has to be the introduction of Big Time Gaming’s licence function Megaways! Plus, you are going to find such things like a Free Spins Wheel, Mega Wilds, and unlimited multiplier. Where you can reap the reward up to 10,000 times the stake and features scatter wins on a 95.71% RTP set up.

Words from the partners

Speaking on the release of Piggy Riches: Megaways, Red Tiger’s chief executive, Gavin Hamilton. “Following the popularity of Piggy Riches, we are happy to give it a further boost with the addition of our hugely popular marketing tools. As well as the Megaways mechanics”. But he also disclosed that all three collaborators turned the level up to 11. And this to offer the best possible product, as fast as they could. With that in mind, why not try out the new version on any operator we at CasinoAdvisers recommend. Plus, make sure to check out the Campaigns page. Could just be that you can get a casino bonus. Which will give you that extra spin time you might need to trigger the amazing features.

Changes on casino with credit card

Gambling with Credit Cards banned in April 2020

UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) today announced that they voted through a new regulation on gambling with credit card. From 1st of April 2020 all gambling operators accepting players with credit card deposits will get their licensed revoked. That means that they do not allow players to deposit using a credit card.

Expected impact

Today there is around 24 million adults living in the UK, it’s estimated that around 10.5 million of these adults are gamblers. Around 800.000 customers are estimated to regularly gamble using creditcard when doing a deposit. Therefore we can see that there is around 7.6% of the players that will need to find a new payment methods.

Future deposit methods

This only seems to be the beginning of regulations being done by the government. We have seen more rules coming into place in other countries as well. In Germany there is a proposition that gamblers should have a limit to loose a total of €1000 per month. We think that UK casinos will offer a new casino bonus or free spins bonuses on deposit to promote alternative deposit methods from credit cards to the players. This way they can get players to try a new way of adding money to their account.

Operator adds Sportsbook

Videoslots on track for a sportsbook

A massive piece of news just dropped from the giant casino provider, Videoslots. And according to sources, the operator that previously solely offered a casino environment is now to widen its offering. Which will be in the form of a brand new sportsbook. Yes, you read right, the industry titan that houses an impressive amount of game providers and slots are getting into sports betting. The collaborating partner that the operator chooses to fulfil this task is no other then Betradar. That consequently will help with all the trading. But also risk management when the product goes live in early 2020.

True to its brand and customers

A long-time customer to Videoslots and afraid that the identity will change? If that’s the case, we can put those fear to rest, as Videoslots will get a tailored solution, Managed Trading Services (MTS) from Betradar. Also, the operator is free to use its own strategy on trading, calling for Betradar’s knowledge and expertise when needed. However, the appointed Head of Sportsbook at Videoslots, Martin Calleja is no stranger to the procedure. In fact, Mr Calleja has over 10-year experience dealing with such products. And covered everything from odds compiler to head off in previous employments. And to be honest, Videoslots did the move to sportsbook back in January when Calleja started at the operator. Commenting on the news is Mr Calleja, where he mentions that “Sports betting market is bigger than ever.” And that they can’t wait to get things going.

Supporting the fact

Taking on a new partner always comes with precautions, especially when you venture into uncharted waters. But, if you do your homework the transition should be easy. Plus, Betradar has mentioned that their traders will work collaboratively with the operator. Which will maximise the efficiencies to its fullest. In the end, all of the involved partners like to see this relationship to be a fruitful one. And we cant wait to see what the final product will look and feel like from a slot lover prospective. So stay tuned, its more to come from this news. And we might just see some amazing casino bonuses on offer to cross-sell the new product!

Could the UK get hit by another restriction

What can we expect?

Keeping up with the UK, gambling regulations is not an easy task. And in recent years we have has seen some huge business impact twist and turns to affect the industry. Where the UK gambling commission (UKGC) spearhead the implementation from idea to completion. However, now we learn that some UK parliamentarians are not completely satisfied with the work the organisation accomplished. And are calling for even more regulations in place. Although, after looking through the request, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) asking for. One thing is quite obvious; they have not read through the UKGC game plan and understood the road map.

Fishing expedition

Indeed, some topics brought up by APPG is no more than fishing for attention. Where they, for instance, ask for a ban on credit cards & pay by phone to fund online player accounts. Which goes to show, if APPG had bothered to check UKGC’s work and what’s under review already. They would have found that just that topic is being under revision and consultation. But also, they are calling for some drastic measures surrounding sponsorship and the teams. By saying that all forms of pitch-side campaigns targeting gambling need to stop. But also that the teams itself cant bring in a gambling partner to sponsor the team. And this is only the tip of the iceberg, and APPG has a bag full of restrictions they like to implement. With the main purpose to “urgently introduce new gambling legislation with a focus on harm prevention”.

The people need to have a say

We all remember the adjustment of the fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBT) in betting shops when it decreased from £100 to £2. And now the parliamentary group like to see the same thing happen to the online sector. Meaning that there is no justification for having a different limit between offline and online. However, what is one of the more significant differences between the two options. Online you present with much more information about responsible gambling, with multiple tools at your disposal. But, the same procedure in betting shops is far more time-consuming. In the end, the UKGC has done good work so far on its three-year national Strategy to reduce gambling harms. And once again, the regulatory body gets criticism for its work that still needs to come to completion.

New Partnership for famous games supplier

NetEnt Partners Up with Onload Media

Top game developer, NetEnt has partnered with onload media. Now, it’s going live, worldwide, with a far-reaching advertising network. Initially, there was a testing phase which came straight after the launch last month. Now, it offers all sorts of different companies “a unique way of engaging audiences.” It will offer its services to a range of different companies, including suppliers, operators and even gambling support charities. They developed the media programme with Blueprint Gaming and Gaming Giant, LeoVegas, so it has its fair share of big names alongside it.

Responsible Advertising

Importantly, online media makes sure it delivers all of its video ads only to people over eighteen. Also, it makes sure that it sticks closely to all of the rules and regs. Furthermore, it offsets regulatory costs and taxes for its partners.
All of its adverts are formatted perfectly to make them ideal for online gambling spaces and sites. Also, there’s no chance of skipping these 15-second adverts, so anyone playing the game has to watch them. In this time, while the games are loading, time that used to be wasted will now be used to either make money or promote responsible gambling. These ads could be from any industry, such as fitness, travel and more, and will get plenty of views. We believe that we will mostly see marketing campaigns for casinos casino bonus or other similar campaigns.

A Game Changer

The CEO and Founder of onload media described the service as “game-changing”. He went on to say that it will “diversify revenue streams”. He also underlined the fact that they want to help operators and suppliers “clean up the industry”.
Understandably, NetEnt is well on board for the release, which comes straight after the live beta launch. NetEnt Malta’s MD said that they “love making engaging games”. However, this will help make the game loading time “more entertaining”. Plus, it gives them more money every time someone plays the game. What’s not to like?

New Games & Bonuses

Quickspin release new Egypt themed video slot

The Playtech Group’s extension, Quickspin has in recent days launched a new Egypt themed video slot, with the name Golden Glyph. The latest addition that takes on the ancient pharaohs and its symbols is Quickspin’s 12th instalment for the year. And the new game comes with some brand new features and improved layouts that will appeal to customers that prefer to play on the go via mobile. On that note, let’s explore the game up close and see if it will be up your alley.

First of its kind

With its new video slot Golden Glyph, Quickspin is introducing the brand new 7 times 7 tiles layout. But also, with the new release, the portrait mode on mobile has gone through some changes. Which will improve the user experience and overall feeling. However, no matter the orientation, Quickspin games are developed with a mobile-first approach. Meaning that it will work equally good on iOS, Android, and other supported handheld devices. Indeed, Golden Glyph has many things speaking for itself. Especially with features like Power Wild, Power-Up including Eye of Horus, Golden Scarab, Blaze of Fire and Free Spins Bonus. All in all, Golden Glyph has the bells and whistles you want to see on a scaled-back but feature-rich video slot.

Special features

Listed below is the power-up features that are active during gameplay.

• Eye of Horus – Payouts for all visible randomly chosen low symbol type.
• Golden Scarab – Randomly adds 4 to 10 wilds on the grid.
• Blaze of Fire – All high and low win symbols in its row and column are paid out.
• Free Spins Bonus – During the Free Spins/Free falls, the game includes a Golden Glyph symbol. Which could result in a win 13,000 x the stake!

Golden Glyph video slot Framework

• Game Studio: Quickspin
• Launch: 2019
• Progressive jackpot: No
• Recommended Play: £5 Deposit
• Layout: 7×7 Tiles
• Paylines: Cluster-pay
• Return to Player (RTP): 96.19%
• Min Bet: £0.20
• Max Bet: £100
• Coin Value range: N/A
• Variance: Medium to High
• Device support: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
• Features: Avalanche/Cascading wins, Bonus symbols, Cluster Pays, Free Spins, Free Spins Multiplier, Mystery symbol, Random Wilds, Additional Wilds

Conclusion on Golden Glyph

The overall layout of 7×7 tiles adds a new element of excitement that keeps you on the edge of your seat for every spin. And with its multiple added features and easy to understand gameplay Golden Glyph has the potential to rival similar themed slots like Rich Wilde And The Book of Dead. So, are you looking for an Egypt themed video slot, Quickspin might just have given you one that you are going to add to your favourites. But before you try out this video slot for the first time, make sure you check if there is a casino bonus you can take to extend your test period.

New NetEnt Slot Tomorrow!

All aboard, the crazy train is leaving the station

Following the success of rock music-themed titles Guns n’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and Motörhead NetEnt getting ready for a new addition. On November 21st NetEnt introduced a new member to its rock hall of fame, Ozzy Osbourne. And the larger than life legend finally got a permanent place in the online gambling community. But, how is the new extension to rock slots measuring up with its competition? And will it be an instant hit with the devoted fans to Ozzy? In the end, this is one of the biggest names and brands NetEnt manage to broker a deal with.

Prince of Darkness ready for the reels

Straight from the start, the atmosphere and mood are on point to what you would expect from an Ozzy video slot. Where demon looking gargoyles with burning red eyes surround the reels to add that little extra. And the overall feel and look takes you back to mid-’80s, placing the integrated music like Bark at the Moon and Diary of a Madman in the right time era. Which brings the whole Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot experience to completion. Situated on a basic grid layout with 5 reel and 3 rows with the presence of Wilds, Scatter, Re-spins, Free Spins, Multiplier, Bonus bet, and Upgrade. That adds into the Feature Spinner box, basically assigning an added feature to the displayed symbol, exponentially increases your pay-outs.

Framework and features

• Layout: 5-reels on 3-rows.
• Paylines: 20.
• Return to Player (RTP): 96.30-96.67%.
• Min Bet: £0.20.
• Max Bet: £100.
• Device support: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile.
• Features: Free Spins, Re-Spin, Scatter, Wild, Multiplier, Bonus Bet, Feature Spinner.
• Release Date: November 21st, 2019.

Thoughts about Ozzy Osbourne Slot

All in all, it’s not a bad representation of the brand, Ozzy Osbourne. However, it will take you a couple of spins or reading up on the mechanics before you got the game fully understood. Although it’s not any ground-breaking with the features, they present in an away making it exciting and fun on every spin. So we at casino advisers can’t see any reasons why this new rock-themed video slot can’t compete with its competition. So, why not try the rocking reels with a casino bonus to extend your experience and hang back with Ozzy as his music blasts in the background.

New Live Casino in the UK

The UK market get new live casino option

Finding the Live Casino offering a bit dull and not appealing to you in the UK? Well, then we have some exciting news that could most certainly make a difference. As a recent interview with Pragmatic Play reveals. That they are ready to enter the hard and lucrative competition in the UK with its full Live Casino portfolio. Giving the players a new and fresh take on how the product presents. Which is available from any desktop, tablet, and smartphone device. But what’s more, the live casino action can also be accessed from multiple VR supported gadgets. So, get ready for a proven concept with a different spin!

New Market new studio

The UK release will get broadcasted from its newly built studio with the latest technology. That includes superior video quality in 4K from multiple angles. And a friendly interface based on user behaviour and research to optimise the experience. All offered from the well trained and experienced dealers. Included in the selection of games are such things as. Roulette, Baccarat, and many different Blackjack variations. Which will include the release “Auto-Stand”. A Blackjack option that according to Pragmatic Play will increase the game speed by 25%. That also currently is the only of its kind on the Live Casino market. So, could this be the game-changer the market was looking for?

Get in the race

The UK market is stiffening up, and competition is getting harder every passing day. So it’s exciting when you are presented with a new option to try out the beloved concept, Live Casino. Commenting on the development is head of compliance at Pragmatic Play, Sheriff Khamoura. “Taking our live casino portfolio into new regulated markets has always been a priority for us”. But he also said that. “The UK has a significant number of brands with a proud heritage. And we are eagerly looking forward to joining these prestigious brands”. Intrigued to try out any of pragmatic plays product, you can do so by checking out one of their latest partners Wildz. And while at it, why not see what casino bonus you can pick up simply by getting an account on the operator.