Bonus Wagering

Any person who has ever taken part in online casino platforms, for any duration of time and managed to claim a bonus will probably have familiarised themselves with the term online bonus wagering. As is the case with many other bonuses that you have encountered, the online casino bonuses do in fact come with a set of wagering requirements.

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Bonus Wagering Requirements

The bonus wagering stipulations have become a part and parcel of the online casino platforms. And truth be told, if there were no stipulations in place, then it is probable that gamers would have very few bonuses and promotions to claim when playing online. So what is bonus wagering? And what are its requirements?

In the length of time that we have been covering casinos and gaming platforms, we at casino advisers have come to note that almost any bonus claimed by a player in an online casino will tend to come with a set of bonus wagering stipulations. The stipulations will clearly dictate that the gamer has to wager his or her bonus amount (and in some cases their total deposits as well) a certain number of times before they are able to withdraw their winnings. But why put in place bonus wagering requirements?

Casino Bonuses

No Running Away with the Platform’s Cash

Traditionally, there exists a very simple reason and rule why online casinos put in place bonus wagering stipulations. If these rules were not in place, it means that you could easily claim a huge cash bonus and proceed to make a withdrawal. By doing this, you would in effect be walking away with cash belonging to the online casino.

Withdrawing the bonus and walking away with it means that you will not be offering the online casino anything in return for your winnings. By putting in place bonus wagering stipulations, it means that you will have no other option but to spend the cash you have earned from the casino in form of a bonus. It also means that you cannot pull a running move with the money that has been awarded to you by the casino in completely good faith.

Determining How Much Cash You Have Left to Stake

It is crucial that you maintain a keen eye on the bonus wagering requirements. After you have made a big win, it is likely that you will wish to make a withdrawal as soon as possible. However, you cannot be able to achieve this if you have not fulfilled the wagering stipulations that have been put in place by the gaming platform.

Many gaming platforms will normally display the waging amount that you have been left with either via a page on your account or via a withdrawal screen. In case this is not available in your gaming account, you should get in touch with support to learn more about their bonus wagering requirements as well as get to see how far you are from making a withdrawal.

How to Get the Bonus Wagering Requirements Down

Online gaming platforms tend to be different, but they do share some similarities in the way they conduct their operations. When it comes to the bonus wagering stipulations, they will often require you to wager the amount you have received in form of a bonus a couple of times so as to nullify your wagering specifications.

For instance, if you have claimed a bonus of 100 pounds after making your first deposit, and the bonus wagering conditions are twenty times that of your total casino bonus, then you will be required to wager 100 pounds for a total of twenty times before the gaming platform can process any withdrawal request that you may have submitted.

Do not be surprised to come across gaming platforms that have put in place bonus wagering terms of 20x to 40x in total. There are others that will seek to extend these figures. You need to read their terms and conditions to make sure that you are well-versed with what is expected of you as a gamer on that platform.

So as to get the bonus wagering requirements down, all you will be required to do is to wager on the games that are currently available at that particular casino. Slots tend to count best when it comes to fulfilling these conditions. This is because video poker, table games, and the like have a lower count.

If you are looking to get the wagering conditions down, re-read all the conditions every once in a while. The reason for this being that there are games, e.g., live dealer games and progressive jackpot slots which are not counted when a gamer is trying to lower his or her bonus wagering specifications.

At What Point Does a Gamer Incur the Wagering Requirements?

Often, any time you claim a bonus when playing at an online-based casino, you get to accept new wagering specifications. It is, therefore, recommended that you fail to claim any new bonus until you have ensured that you have fulfilled all the conditions attached to the last bonus that you had claimed.

Casino advisers are on record advising its readers and followers to read the terms and conditions as many times as possible. We are all humans and we can easily forget what we read a few hours or days ago. Therefore, before you claim a bonus, go back to the bonus wagering terms to see what the conditions for that bonus are before making your next move.

Wagering Requirements Free Bonuses

Some online casinos, believe it or not, do in fact offer bonuses that are free from any form of wagering stipulations. These deals, which tend to be very rare, are in many cases worth a very small amount of money. As a result, there are loyalty bonuses that will not come with any attached conditions.

If you come across an offer that does not come with any attached conditions, casino advisers strongly urge you to consider claiming it. Again, be sure to check the conditions of any bonus offer that you plan to claim. It is the only way to truly determine whether it has a wagering requirement or not.

Additional Bonus Categories

When it comes to the issue of bonuses, you will find that there are very many different types available. Note that there exist fundamental differences among them. The existing differences will have a different impact on the player. They include:

1. Cashable Bonuses

A cashable bonus is exactly what its name says—it is cashable for you the player. For you to be able to cash out this bonus, you will be required to complete various wagering conditions on some of the games that have been allowed on that platform. Both the games allowed and the requirements or restrictions will normally vary from one casino to the next one. Reading the casino guidelines is the only sure way of getting to fully understand what you will be required to achieve before you can be allowed to cash out the bonus that you have claimed from the platform.

You should note that many platforms, based on our experience here at casino advisers will void your bonus the moment you request to make a withdrawal. Depending on the platform that you are using, the winnings could also be affected. If you must make a withdrawal, be sure to confirm that you have finished all the bonus wagering conditions before you can initiate a withdrawal request. If you are not sure of how much wagering you will be required to do, then it would be wise of you to get in touch with the support specialists who will be more than happy to guide you through the process to be followed.

2. Sticky Type I Bonus

This is a special kind of bonus in that you can use it to wager on the platform, but cannot be able to make a withdrawal. You can cash out all the winnings you make from that bonus when you are making your withdrawal. For instance, if your bonus was 100pounds and you get to win 50pounds, this means that you technically have a total of 150pounds in the gaming account to play around with.

For this bonus, only the 50pounds you have won will be eligible for withdrawal. In such a case, the initial bonus will be permanently removed from your account. The advantage of this kind of bonus is that the platform will give you an opportunity to wager it. This, therefore, increases your chances of being able to complete the wagering requirements instituted by the platform.

3. Sticky Type II Bonuses

This bonus is very similar to the type I bonus discussed above. The only difference between the two lies in the fact that here, the bonus will not be permanently removed from your account when you make a withdrawal. This means that you will still be able to use it for wagering purposes. You can also continue using the bonus amount moving forward, thereby increasing your winning chances. As such, the sticky type II bonus is considered to be more appealing than the sticky type I bonus.


In general, you can use bonuses when you are trying to complete the bonus wagering conditions that have been put in place by an online casino. Casino advisers recommend that you always look out for the presence of cashable bonuses as they are more beneficial compared to the others. If you have absolutely no idea what the bonus you intend to claim constitutes, then it would be best for you to get in touch with the support specialists for a more detailed explanation.