Cashback Bonus

Everything you need to know about Casino Cashback Bonuses

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Casino Cashback Bonus

A cashback bonus can be described as a type of refund that comes in the form of bonus money. In some cases, it is offered as real cash that is placed in your account when you lose money playing certain casino games. Typically, the bonus is offered as a percentage of your take-home losses. Given the fact that you have already wagered your money, it means that you ideally have nothing to lose by taking part in this type of promotion. The real money cashback reward programs or cash bonus has been very popular the last few years with many online casinos today offering these types of bonuses to their players.

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20 Free spins £50 Bonus
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Rizk Casino
Release date: Dec 2016
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50 Free spins £100 Bonus
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Wishmaker casino
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Casino Joy
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200 Free spins £200 Bonus
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Fun Casino
Release date: Jan 2016
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Spinit Casino
Release date: Oct 2016
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LuckyDays Casino
Release date: Oct 2019
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Casino Advisers and Cashback

At casino advisers, we have come to note that the cashback bonus is on many occasions provided based on your total losses. The losses will on many occasions cover a specific game or time period and will be calculated by taking a certain percentage into consideration. The percentage that is to be used to calculate this bonus often varies from one casino to another. However, you will note that on many occasions, the bonus will be between five and twenty-five percent. The method to be used to credit the cashback bonus also tends to vary. A casino can choose to grant its clients the money as real cash or as a bonus.

How Does the Cashback Bonus Work?

As mentioned above, the cash bonus will in many cases vary from one casino to the next. But at the end of it all, the casino will usually credit the money back into the gaming account. In some cases, the casino may choose to offer a cashback bonus that is based on various games. By doing this, the casino will basically be encouraging its customer to play the said games without incurring too much risk. In most instances, you will find that the cashback bonus awarded by the casino will have been calculated over a certain set duration. This means that it may be calculated on a daily basis, weekly, or even on a monthly basis. Typically, the casino will set a limit on the total amount of cash back that is to be received by its clients. We typically find that the simplest way for us to help explain the manner in which cash back works would be by providing a series of examples:

Cashback Bonus Offer 1:

The online casino provides you with a 5% cash back bonus when you play a game such as a video Slot South Park. In the course of the game, you spend at least 100 pounds but end up losing the entire lot. This means that the total amount you have spent on video slot South Park will be a total of one hundred pounds. Therefore, as a bonus, the online casino platform provides you with a 5% cashback bonus. The total amount that will be sent into your online gaming account will, therefore, be five pounds.

Cashback Bonus Offer 2:

The casino chooses to provide you with a 5% cashback bonus on the losses made on any given day while playing any of the various casino games that may be available. Say for instance that you have credited your account with a total of two hundred pounds when starting out. As the day goes by, you end up using the entire sum on the games. With sheer luck, you find that you have doubled up on the amount that you initially started with, which means that your account now has a total of four hundred pounds. This means that you have made a profit and that the casino will not be awarding you anything on its cashback promotion.

Cashback Bonus Offer 3:

You find yourself taking part in a promotion that offers you a twenty-five percent cashback bonus on a total of fifty euros. After playing various games, you find that you have lost a total of three hundred pounds. This means that the casino will award you with a total of fifty pounds as this is the maximum amount that can be awarded back to a player based on the rules of that particular promotion.

How Does One Qualify for a Cashback Bonus?

The research that our team here at Casino Advisers has carried out has made us believe that many casinos only provide the real cash money bonus to online gamblers who are taking part in their Loyal Player or VIP programs. Nonetheless, the more popular cashback bonuses, where the bonus is offered in terms of a cash grant can in many cases be claimed by any gamer or gambler who chooses to opt-in to that particular bonus. As such, you will find that many web-based casinos tend to have a standard cashback program that is offered to its gamers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Wagering Requirements for the Cashback Bonus Programs

Each casino will normally have its own rules with regards to the requirements that their gamers need to meet before they can cash out their bonuses. There are instances where you will find that the wagering requirements may be as low as wagering that cashback bonus that has been credited to you by the gaming company. In such a case, the gamer may be required to wager the bonus for at least one or two times before they cash it out. Other casinos may require the player to wager it for as many as ten times. You will, however, find that the turnover requirements associated with these bonuses will in many cases be very low as compared to that of depositing funds into your account.

Cash Back vs the Top-Up Bonus

The Top Up casino bonus happens to be a direct opposite of the cashback bonus. Rather than receive a bonus amount that is calculated on your total losses, the casino will provide you with an additional amount for the extra winnings. As such, you will notice that the Top-Up bonus will on many occasions be calculated using a certain percentage that is applied to the total winnings that you have made in a given timeframe. It can also be calculated on the winnings that you have made on a given game. In some cases, the money may also be granted to you by the casino in the form of bonus credits or real cash. It is important to note that the percentages used to calculate these bonuses will in many cases be very low. Often, you will find that they are between five and ten percent. The Top Up bonus also tends to accompany the Cash Back bonus offered by the gaming company.

Casino Cashback


As you can see, the cashback bonus can take on many forms and can be offered in a variety of ways. It is important to acquaint yourself with the rules guarding each promotion to make sure that you get to make the most out of the incentive being provided by the casino. Be sure to check whether the cashback bonus will be based on your losses on a particular game or the losses made on a day, week, or month. But most importantly, ensure that you are responsible with the bonus. Do not interpret the incentive on offer as an excuse for you to spend even more money.