Gambling Certifications

Gain certification to keep your customers

In the growing online gaming competition, it’s paramount to tick all the boxes in security. In the end, if your customers don’t feel safe using your site, the source of revenue will eventually dry up. One way to prove to your customers and your interest. Is to show that you are taking internet security seriously and certify yourself. And this is exactly what Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) with brands like Rizk has done. In fact, this is the second year in a row that GiG receive the desirable ISO 27001 certification. Also joining in on the ISO celebration in 2019. And pleasing the international ISO Council is one of Novomatic’s subsidiary companies, Grenntube. But also one of the highest esteemed companies in the industry, Kindred Group. That housing many well-recognised brands in the UK, such as Unibet.

But what is ISO 27001

In essence, the ISO is an international set standard. More precisely how to implement and handle an information security management system (ISMS). And to complying with the set standard and obtain an approval from the ISO Council is a big accomplishment. Plus, there is more pressure from the regulatory bodies and the public. Especially how a company manages confidential and sensitive data. And the increased interest has put the subject matter in the spotlight more than ever. And nothing could be truer when it comes to the UK, and it’s demographics. Which currently ranks second in the world. Where the UK is accounting for 10 % of the certificates issued. That’s a massive 21% growth rate in the UK compared from last year. The proof is in the pudding. As more companies keep on expanding its online presence, so does the security needs.

Comments from some of the recipients

First, to comment on the success is GiG’s new acting CEO, Richard Brown. “We continue to prove that we commit to protecting our customers. But also their player information.” Then we have Michael Bauer, Greentube’s CFO/CGO. “When it comes to customer data, there are no second chances. As a company, we take every step to ensure that we adhere to international standards. Last but not least we have, Kindred Group’s CEO Henrik Tjärnström. That had this to say when they received there ISO certification. “We deal with sensitive player information. And wanted to independently verify that our business processes are best in class.” All in all, they might compete with each other, but one thing is clear. All operators and providers strive to a mutual goal. Namely to protect its customer and its data.

New Changes from UKGC

The UK Gambling Commission put a spoke in the wheel

In its ongoing work to offer a safe and secure online environment for the UK population. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has taken yet another step. And this time around, they are targeting the game content suppliers. The proactive adjustment requested from the UKGC is the heavy debated Bonus Buy feature. Also known as Feature Drop or Feature Pass. The somewhat controversy option first saw the light of day in November 2017 when Big Time Gaming launched the Slot White Rabbit. And it didn’t take long for the industry to jump on the success train. And game providers such as Relax, NextGen, and Yggdrasil also wanted a part of the market. But, what does this mean for the online gambling community in the UK?

Hard Coding or not

Like it or not, when the UKGC pulls out the wand and points, operators and providers in the UK need to fall in line. In the request, the UKGC prompts all game aggregators to remove the feature from the games. Or if not possible, disable the game as a whole. This is where the development of the games comes interesting. As there can only be three likely scenarios. First one, simply just deactivate the feature. The second one, remove the game. The third and final alternative, temporary remove the game and make necessary adjustments. It all comes down to how the programer coded the game. However, if option number three is the only one on the table, it means the game needs to go through a new cycle of auditing. Which will not only drag out in time but also affect potential revenue for the operator and the provider.

Nothing is changing

Although this new regulation might have come as a surprise, indication shows that most of the UK facing brands housing these games continued business as usual. In the end, it’s not a huge portion of the game portfolio that are affected by the new guidelines. According to sources, the UKGC has not set a hard deadline on the feature removal. And at this point, the necessary precautions need to happen within a reasonable time-line. All in all, the news is not that big of a deal for the UK players. As none of the titles with the feature has proven to become a Blockbuster.

New Quicker Games

NetEnt Launches its New Auto-Roulette Studio

NetEnt has just released a unique new live roulette game. As such, they have combined VIP Auto-Roulette, Classic Auto-Roulette and Rapid Auto-Roulette to create a top new experience. This comes together to give players a new and exciting roulette experience the new roulette studio looks fresh and vibrant. It looks and feels like a traditional casino room. However, this one comes with a cool technological twist. Not only does it use HD Streaming, but also brilliant camera work and angles and blue screen technology. Overall, this is a real state-of-the-art roulette experience. With red and gold colouring, this is a classy and impressive new game

Three Wheels

The studio has three wheels in view. This means you can change from one wheel to the next very quickly and easily. Furthermore, it is scalable to a variety of markets. As well as that, it offers voice-overs in 12 languages, which makes it easy to use for all. NetEnt Live is one of the first companies that provides its players with a multi-reel experience. As such, this is a huge release and one that provides huge potential. So, why not give the new wheels a spin.

Cutting-Edge Game

The Director of NetEnt Live describes it as an “engaging title”. He also says that it boasts “fantastic design and cutting-edge technology”. Furthermore, he believes that it will “set a new standard in Auto-Roulette”.
This game comes hot on the heels of the Network Branded Casinos (NBC). These take the traditional casino feel to your online device. As such, any punter that likes to hit the casino can enjoy it from anywhere they like.
NetEnt is constantly growing and improving. This new game release proves that its live casino is also enjoying success. This is the perfect end to an impressive 2019 for the NetEnt Live Casino. Bring on 2020…

New Gambling Rules UKGC

The UK all fired up

The past years we have learned a lot about the UK and its regulations. Where we saw propositions to end the use of credit card, ID verification before use of an account, and much more. But now we learn that and media source has obtained documentation via the freedom of information request from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Which apparently outlines 9 different casino operators and its way to deal with the VIP segmented players. Where they put a focus on that the segment figures more frequently in problem gambling cases. But also that the same VIP players account’s for a huge chunk of depositing customers. In fact, it says that the VIP players are counts for a “disproportionate amount.”

Percent tells the tale

To give you some meat on the bones lets dissect the reported numbers. Where one of the biggest operators tells that roughly 83% of all deposits and earnings come from a 2% pool of players. While another provider indicates the same. And 58% comes from a 5% player base. And the same is true for yet another unnamed operator. Claiming that 3% of the customers produce 48% of the deposits. Although, what the report is not telling us, is that how much of these funds actually saw withdrawal. Meaning that we are only given one side of the story, those far. Which means that the overall statistics could sway in a somewhat different direction. As this document retrieved is currently not released to the general public. As such, we will keep on guarding this story to get the full scope of things.

The UKGC keeping secrets

According to the media source and the publication of the said document, there is more interesting information. And apparently, the same document contains 47,000 VIP players in the UK. But what’s more, it indicates that around 8% of these VIP’s experience some version of problem gambling. Though, the document doesn’t go into the depth of what type of problem it involves. What it does tell us is that about 0.8% of the UK population as a whole is experiencing some type of problem gambling.

A fair statement from the UKGC

Taking this from an operators perspective. And to be fair, no operator has indirectly broken any rules set by the UKGC. In fact, all they did was to follow the guideline. Or at least stay on the right side of the law. However, the UKGC recently told that they would “challenge the industry to make faster progress to improve how they manage their customers.” Which more specifically point to the VIP segment. And are willing to apply “robust actions” to any operator failing there consumer protection obligations. And on top of that. They will go even “tougher” on the offenders that show any ill will to change their way of doing things. In other words, the finger of justice is up, and any operator will do wisely in following the recommendations from the UKGC.

Big Wins and Bonuses

Two big wins from LeoVegas

The self-proclaimed “king of mobile” recently backed there claim in 2020 EGR Nordic awards, where they went home from the ceremony with two trophies. That’s right folks, not only did LeoVegas take home the prestige filled mobile operator of the year. But they also stood tallest in the category, casino operator of the year, by which are two of the more sought after prizes to have in your collection. But, how did this operator go about to secure these titles? And more importantly, how will this impact the year laying ahead? Luckily for you, we are about to dive deeper into the wins itself. But also see what the company plans and where they see themselves going forward in 2020.

King of mobile and casino

After securing the two wins, LeoVegas head of casino, James Ford had plenty of insider knowledge to disclose to the media. Where he admits that early on in 2019 they set their aim to be “the king of casino.” While still being true to its core, mobile-first. That in retrospect was the perfect game plane. However, the focus has more aspect tied down to it, where Mr Ford also hinted that hard work has gone into out of the box thinking and innovation. Including such things as LeoVegas Multi-play, but also their original series of video slots. Plus, that they poured a lot of resources into social responsibility. Which by its own rights is a crucial aspect to make an award-winning product or product in this case.

Not the time to slow down

Indeed, in the wake of an award ceremony, there is no time to stop and reflect and pet yourself on the back. In fact, you need to strike the iron while it’s hot. That, according to LeoVegas, is exactly what they are going to do. Well, at least that’s what we gathered from statements like. “We will build on our position as King of Casino and provide the greatest gaming experience.” But LeoVegas also means that to secure such a title, the area of attention needs to be on customers. Basically meaning, to offer the fans what they want you to need to drive the development leaning on collected data. In the end, if you manage your database correctly, all the answers are there for you to take part in.

Challenge the King

At this point, no video slot enthusiast has missed out on LeoVegas and their fantastic mobile casino product. Yet, with its new casino operator of the year award securely placed in its trophy cabinet. Why not give the site a go as well? In the end, according to EGR it’s the best casino operator currently available. But before signing up, make sure to read what we at CasinoAdvisers think about LeoVegas. But also what type of casino bonus you get for trusting them to guide you in your online casino venture.

Easter News

NetEnt adds new vertical to its offer

If we mention NetEnt, you will most likely think about all original titles. However, this all changed in 2019 when NetEnt announced its plans of becoming a content aggregation platform. That all kicked off with the introduction and acquisition of Red Tiger Gaming. Yet, now we learn that the plans of expansion are far greater than just to include one extra game provider to its arsenal. In fact, fitting into NetEnt’s mould and up for the task is no more than 3 other suppliers. That will not only bring fresh ideas to the platform. But also some new products for the ever-growing NetEnt fan base. And believe you us, the names that include in the list are impressive that comes with good provenance.

Now in the UK

As for now, you already have access to games from Red Tiger Gaming across multiple platforms via NetEnt’s aggregation platform in the UK. That even include some Bingo focused operators. Nevertheless, by adding providers like Games inc, G, and Scout Gaming Group, the vertical of game types, is taking off in rocket speed. Which, according to well-placed sources will include puzzle. But also strategy games, scratch cards, but more importantly for the UK players, video lottery. In fact, did you know that reports tell us that the UK love lottery so much it’s considered to be one of the most popular gambling product! As such, it makes perfect sense for NetEnt to include a product like a video lottery to its platform. But here is the kicker, all said products suppose to include massive jackpots! We have also created a list focusing on fast payout casinos so you quickly can withdrawal your lottery winnings.

We have some exciting news to impart

A surprising move from NetEnt is the introduction of sports. Yes, you read right, they are moving into the world of sports, well at least fantasy sports. By which are yet another well and timely executed move from NetEnt. Telling us one thing, the CEO Therese Hillman is still on a clear path on how to make capital and find new ways to raise popularity. That she hinted in the interim report way back in April 2019 after the January to March figures saw publication. “To respond to more competition in slot games, we make continuous improvements to our offering. Not only with more new games but also through a more diversified game portfolio.” And to be honest, it sounds like NetEnt has found a new gear and we are quite excited to see what 2020 has in store for us.

Offer diversity to conquer

It’s been a couple of years now since NetEnt being on top of its game. Sure they pushed out some great video slots, only to get beaten by its competition in innovation and crowd-pleasing. Where they went through some misfortune and struggled with leadership and a clear vision, banking on old merits and structure. However, it all is old news going into 2020 and everyone seems to be on board. Which Director of NetEnt, Rob Fell, points out by adding thing like. “Commitment of diversity” and “adding scratch cards and fantasy sports complements the content of NetEnt.” So get ready, NetEnt is most certainly back with a vengeance to once more lay claim to the throne.

New Table Games

Microgaming Adds Switch Studios Table Games to its Catalogue

Up until this point, Microgaming has been mainly known for its slot games. As such, it has built up a great reputation by offering some of the best slots in the industry. However, the company is now building on its table game portfolio with a number of new releases created by Switch Suppliers. Therefore, Microgaming will now be offering top table games that are exclusively for them. There will now be a range of new table games for customers including blackjack, baccarat, roulette and more.

Taking to the Tables with Blackjack

Earlier this year, they released European Blackjack, which was a huge success. As a result, they have followed this up with more variants of the game, with another six due in December. On 4th December, they released games including, Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Classic Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack. They have also optimized these games perfect for both desktop and mobile. Furthermore, in the following week, 11th December, they released Vegas Single Deck Blackjack. Every one of these games is completely bespoke and concentrate on gameplay as opposed to just the look of the games. As such, you can enjoy the impressive game experience from your own home.

A Powerful Platform

Each of these new blackjack games benefits from a powerful engine. They also offer impressive features such as standard side bets, insurance, split hands and double down. Furthermore, they have created the Baccarat game on the same engine. This means that not only can you enjoy impressive sound and graphics, but it offers incredible gameplay. Also, it offers features such as card squeeze, and you can pull, peel, flip and rotate your cards. They launched this game alongside the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack on 11th December. All of these are multi-platform games that will appeal to a brand-new audience and should see Microgaming’s popularity grow further.

New Games & New bonuses for English sites!

New Game From Evolution Gaming

The top tier live casino provider; Evolution Gaming keeps on expanding on its fast-paced products. And in recent news, the game supplier revealed that they boosted its Lightning content with a new product. Although, initial speculation and thought were that the product next in line would be a Lightning Blackjack. By which they kind of already delivered with their super-fast Live Blackjack variant, that they launched in January 2020. However, instead, Evolution decided to take a different avenue and add Lightning Baccarat to its available offerings. Which might just be a stroke of genius from their part. Not sure why? Well stick around, and we will give you an explanation, not only of the game but why we thing Lightning Baccarat was the right move. Also make sure you keep an eye open for all English casino sites which might have an bonus offer with this game.

Quick facts on Lightning Baccarat

So what makes Lightning Baccarat different from a “normal Baccarat? First, of, the betting patterns remain, “Player”, “Tie”, and “Banker” as being the backbone of Baccarat. However, what’s new is the 1 to 5 random lightning multiplying cards that get drawn from a virtual deck of 52 cards on every hand. Meaning that, if your card you got match up with any of the 1 to 5 random multiplying card your win is consequently multiplied with that number that displays. That stretches from 3x to 8x. But here is the kicker, all of your 3 dealt cards can multiply. To explain, say that you have 3 of the Lightning cards matched up, they keep on multiplying. So let’s pretend that there are 3 cards with 8x showing and if we apply some quick math and you win 8x8x8=512x your stake.

Win £500,000 on a tie

Indeed, you actually have the chance to walk away with a £500,000 win! So say that you “Tie” with the bank and all cards represent in the Lighting cards as well, yes you guessed it, all keep on multiplying. With the same logic as a “Player” win 8x8x8x8x8x8x=262,144x your stake.

Easy to play Lightning Baccarat

Despite popular belief, Baccarat is fairly simple to understand. Sure it all looks complicated and fast-paced. But it will only take you a quick minute to learn the general rules of the game. However, you do need to know what type you play first. Which include Punto Banco (most common), Chemin de Fer, Baccarat en Banque, Super Pan 9, and Three Card Baccarat. That basically only have different draw rules and player interactions. But all in all the end game is the same, and you only need to keep track of 3 essentials “Player”, “Tie”, and “Banker.” And due to its easy interface and simple game rules, we at CasinoAdvisers think its perfect timing for live casino lovers to get in on the action and try your luck on Lightning Baccarat.

Evolution evolves

It was close to 2 years ago Evolution launched the Lightning series, starting with Roulette (2018) that followed by Dice (2019). And according to the Chief Product Officer of Evolution, Todd Haushalter they both have proven a great concept and fruitful to the company. And launching a Baccarat product was the natural step to take. Still haven’t tried any of the Lighting products? Well, before you do, always check out our campaign page for available casino bonuses to grab before you embark on your live casino venture.

Game providers struggle to meet UKGC requirements

Push Gaming reaches the UK shores

The competitive and harsh online casino climate in the UK has seen even the best game providers struggle to meet the UK Gambling commission’s (UKGC) requirements. And to receive an approval is a fether in any providers hat that should get worn with pride. As such, we like the be the first to welcome Push Gaming and its content to the UK. And according to the information at hand. It basically means that the content supplier now can grasp full control of its UK operation. Meaning that the now can self govern the delivery schedule and associated technology, and all that comes with a game host licence. So, what does it mean for you as an online casino player in the UK? Well, if you like to find out, simply continue reading the full article, and it all should be crystal clear.

From baby steps to a fully grown B2B supplier

So, what does it means for Push Gaming, but more importantly, what can we in the UK expect? First of, with its newfound latitude, the provider will find it easier to develop new in-game mechanics. But also build on its platform features. Telling us that, they now will be able to offer more precise and tailormade support for its customers. Plus, with its new licence, it indicates that it secure on a system that the UKGC trust. Which is the most important aspect, if you like to title yourself an established B2B provider.

Push Gaming already operates on top tier casinos

It might just be news for the UK player base. However, you have most certainly seen some of Push Gaming video slots as they feature on some of the bigger brand in the industry including Rizk, Wildz, and Casumo, to mention a few. Although, now you as a UK player are given the opportunity to enjoy the full force of Push Gaming’s vertical. Commenting on the development is Mario Petraglia, Director of Legal and Compliance at Push Gaming. “Push Gaming’s engaging catalogue of award-winning content has received multiple honours in recent times for its entertaining gameplay. As well as being licenced in six existing jurisdictions, its platform also supports the regulatory requirements of regulators in Alderney, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man.” But he also said that. “Our award-winning gaming content, propelling us from a boutique game developer to the ranks of a full-service supplier.”

Titles to check out

If you should happen to be new to the developer, you most definitely need to check out some of their more impressive titles like Fat Rabbit, Blaze of Ra, or Razor Shark to mention a few. And while you are at it, why not check out any of the operators we at Casino Advisers endorse, who knows, there might just be a casino bonus waiting for you! On that good news, let’s get the fun to begin.

Changes on casino with credit card

Gambling with Credit Cards banned in April 2020

UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) today announced that they voted through a new regulation on gambling with credit card. From 1st of April 2020 all gambling operators accepting players with credit card deposits will get their licensed revoked. That means that they do not allow players to deposit using a credit card.

Expected impact

Today there is around 24 million adults living in the UK, it’s estimated that around 10.5 million of these adults are gamblers. Around 800.000 customers are estimated to regularly gamble using creditcard when doing a deposit. Therefore we can see that there is around 7.6% of the players that will need to find a new payment methods.

Future deposit methods

This only seems to be the beginning of regulations being done by the government. We have seen more rules coming into place in other countries as well. In Germany there is a proposition that gamblers should have a limit to loose a total of €1000 per month. We think that UK casinos will offer a new casino bonus or free spins bonuses on deposit to promote alternative deposit methods from credit cards to the players. This way they can get players to try a new way of adding money to their account.