May 17, 2021

Lottery Results

Here you can check if you managed to win on your lottery ticket. It’s important that you always check your ticket number in order to make sure you don’t miss any winnings. Here you can do so quick and easy!

Find Lottery Results

A lottery is so much more than the grand Jackpot. And in many cases, people forget about the “minor” prizes that can drop, which can be worth hundreds of thousands of £. And on rare occasions, it may even rise as high as millions. Although you might be aiming for the main prize every time you read the Lottery result. But don’t forget to check the pay structure, as you might just have won yourself a life-changing amount, without hitting the Jackpot! But how do you check if you won? Well, not only will we explain how easy you can check your tickets. But we will also let you in on some interesting facts and do’s and don’ts when it comes to outcomes and results in Lottery.

Check your winnings

Back when the National Lottery launched in the UK 1994, it was only one draw a week. However, as the product has kept on evolving, the same applies to the number of draw days. In fact, these days you can take part in a Lottery draw all days of the week. Which bring us to the question at hand, “how do I check if I have a winning combination on my hand?” Well, for the offline option, not much has changed in all the years. All you have to do is hand your ticket to a local retail store clerk, and he or she will check it for you.

Online Lottery results

Or you check it online. Which is equally simple, just log in to your must-have account, previously created. Then go to the Lottery provider in question and see the latest results. Now, you might forget to check your winnings from past entries. Which is still not a problem, where some sites allow you to search as far as six months back. Also to keep in mind, in many cases your winning will find its way to your account no matter if you check it or not. However, when the amount starts to rise, so does your engagement needs. And if your winning combination toll up to thousands of £, you better off by contacting the provider to make sure you don’t have to claim the win.

Place of purchase

In any scenario, checking your Lottery result from any provider or distributor its easy, no matter if you do it online or walk into a store. However, to put the most safety nets in place, we at casino advisors recommend you: “always pick your Lottery numbers online.” Plus, placing your numbers via an online site grants you the possibility to take a bonus. But also, you have many more payment providers to choose from, than you will find in a store. All in all, deciding to try a lottery, do that from the online option.

Results Tonight

We update this page with all winnings numbers from the most popular lotteries in the UK everyday.
Make sure to also send in them to the lottery as soon as you see that they match.

The winning numbers

First of all, the most used Lottery system it’s a saw call 6/49 game. Where you need to pick six correct numbers out of 49 in total to get the grand Jackpot. But, recently we have seen some more combinations getting available. And even the UK National Lottery is planning to add 10 additional number to the mix. Which a spokesperson addressed by saying that, “players will now have a one-in-10 million chance of winning at least £1 Million, compared with the present one-in-14 million chance.” So how do you go about to pick your favourite or lucky numbers? In fact, picking the number has an endless amount of combinations as there is a number of players. And everyone has their own way of choosing their lucky lotto numbers. Although some options are more popular than others, and here is some of them.

Date to remember

One of the most reported orders of picking six number is something that connects to the player. And many players pick their Lottery numbers on birthdays, lucky numbers, wedding dates, and other personally significant and easy to remember number combination. Of course, the game is completely random, and the result can only be considered a fact after the actual draw. Even though the game has an unpredictable outcome, some rely on old fashion statistics. Which roughly shows that four out of seven balls are actually over the number 31. Which then adds another factor to Consider if you pick on historical numbers. Pick numbers under 31 to minimise the risk of sharing your win. Or pick some numbers over 31 for a bigger statistical chance of winning, but only keep some for yourself? Or simply utilise a Quick Pick random number generator, always available on sites offering Lottery.

Bingo cross over and Not and Hot

The line patterned picking system for the winning Lottery results may not be as well known. This type of picking order is more or less a cross over from Bingo. To explain, in Bingo games, a normal pay structure usually includes pattern winning. Say you have numbers in diagonal or numbers forming a box and you win. Which Lottery users, according to sources, have adopted and started to use more and more when filling in their ticket. Then we have the Not and Hot pick bases on very complex algorithms and data structures. Where users utilise a “lottery wheeling” program to pick the numbers. Similarly, as relying on statistics, none of the mentioned or preferred ways of picking the numbers has actually never been proven to work in your favour in the long run. Sure, you might be “lucky” from time to time. But that’s all it is, pure luck.

Make a few bobs on Rollover

When you start seeing Lottery headlining news and its potential winnings, a “Rollover” is happening. But what is Rollover and how does this affect your Lottery results and winnings? Essentially, when a Lotto product has the Rollover tag, it means that if there is not a player that picked the right outcome, the amount is added to the next draw. And can technically rollovers indefinitely. Well, that is as long as there is no roof of the number of rollovers. Or if a “Rolldown” is attached to it. However, eventually, someone has the right numbers. Or the number of the possible combination will run out, and the Mega Buzz Jackpot will drop.

Rolldown and capped results

Indeed, as mention above, some Lotteries have a “Rolldown” or capped number of Rollover a jackpot can have. In the case of the “Rolldown”, the Jackpot will be paid out although there is no complete winning combination present. Simply put, a sequence with fewer numbers instead determines the correct combination. And a winner is declared, or winners, which is usually the case when a “Rolldown” happens.

Fact or Fiction

In the end, it doesn’t matter the prefered way of picking your numbers. Or how an operator or provider decided to offer its product. The Lottery results will always be randomly selected. Now, taking all into consideration that you learnt to today. Are you going to pick your numbers from now on with your heart or will statistics and fancy math formulas lead the way?