With Boku you can deposit by phone

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The expert team at CasinoAdvisers has been checking out a range of payment providers in the past few weeks and this briefing takes a quick look at Boku, so you can think about whether to use their services for gambling. Boku is a unique payments provider for online services, like gaming. It works by using your unique mobile phone number as a method of payment which can be used by casino subscribers. What this means in effect, is that existing credits on your mobile phone account can be diverted and used as payments in online casinos. It’s really a simple solution for crediting cash to gaming accounts and all deposits made to suppliers will be listed on your mobile phone bill.

About Boku

Boku is a US-based company which processes mobile payments for apps and online games. You don’t need to give suppliers any personal details or payment card information, as all payments are charged direct to mobile phone bills. It’s important that any casino or gaming establishment you use is linked up as a Boku supplier, though. And, of course, pay-as-you-go phone customers will be limited to using just the amount of credit that’s available on their phone at the time a service is requested.

Casinos that use Boku

A large number of online casinos have registered with Boku, these include:

  • Awesome Spins
  • Lucky Tap
  • Slots Heaven
  • Big Win Vegas
  • Loot Casino
  • Big Thunder Slots

If you plan to trial out the Boku payment option with your regular casino, you should check out whether it’s a recognised supplier at the time you make any deposit.

Pros and cons of Boku

One of the major advantages of making payments for gambling using Boku is that the service will be limited to the actual cash amount held in your mobile phone account. This can be extremely empowering for regular gamblers, who want to cut down their gaming expenses.

What’s more, if you have concerns about making payments online, Boku is a really private way to fund your gambling. You don’t need to register an account with Boku. It really does just rely on your individual mobile phone number and the amount of cash you have sitting on deposit.

Another benefit of using this payment provider is if you want to set up a new account at a different casino and don’t want to give your personal banking details. Just so long as your new casino accepts Boku you can make your first deposit using mobile phone credits.

One of the main drawbacks of Boku though is that it’s not commonly accepted by all casinos. The service is gradually increasing in popularity, but if your regular casino has not set up as a Boku merchant partner, you won’t be able to use the service.

Using Boku

It really is simple to use the Boku payment option, just so long as your supplier is a registered partner with Boku. All you need do is make a deposit in the casino as usual and then opt to pay using the Boku service. Your casino will deduct the required cash direct from your mobile phone and save you the hassle of making a card payment. All payments are listed on your regular mobile phone bill, so you can quickly check over the listings on a regular basis to make sure they are accurate.

The provider offers online chat and customer service support, and there is also a useful FAQs section on their site to answer any common queries.
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Finally then, Boku is an online payments provider that can be ideal for funding your casino gambling account. You are limited to the amount of credit that’s in your mobile phone account, which can be a good thing for some gamblers. Just so long as your preferred casino offers Boku payment services you can deposit funds from the credits on your mobile phone account. If you don’t have enough mobile phone credit your gaming transaction will be declined, so this can be one off-putting factor for pay-as-you-go customers or consumers with very little cash credit on mobile phone accounts.