We will teach you everything about playing online casino with the most popular credit card deposit method!

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  • Casino
  • Bonus
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Release date: Jun 2016
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
150 Free spins
WAGERING: 45x Free spins
  • World's happiest casino
  • Daily challenges
  • Fantastic support
Release date: Jun 2012
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
30 Free spins £300 Bonus
WAGERING: 30x Free spins 30x Bonus
  • 30 FS on registration
  • High first deposit bonus
  • Fantastic gamifications
Release date: Dec 2014
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only

£50 No Wagering Bonus

  • Quick withdrawals
  • Great Support
  • Very strong sportsbook
Release date: Jun 2010
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
20 Free spins £25 Bonus
WAGERING: 35x Bonus
  • 20 FS on registration
  • Various games
  • 24/7 support
PlayOJO Casino
Release date: Feb 2019
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
50 Free spins
  • Fair Play
  • Quick Withdrawals
  • No Wager Bonus
Release date: Apr 2017
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
100 Free spins £100 Bonus
WAGERING: 30x Free spins 60x Bonus
  • 20 FS on registration
  • Low wagering
  • High welcome offer
Vegas Luck Casino
Release date: Aug 2019
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
50 Free spins
  • Good Bonus
  • Quick Banking
  • Many Slots
Hyper Casino
Release date: Aug 2019
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
£100 Bonus
WAGERING: 45x Bonus
  • Quick Registration
  • Great Welcome Offer
  • Fantastic in mobile Casino
Release date: Aug 2017
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
20 Free spins £50 Bonus
WAGERING: 35x Free spins 35x Bonus
  • Good selection of games
  • Quick withdrawals
  • Good welcome offer
Rizk Casino
Release date: Dec 2016
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
50 Free spins £100 Bonus
WAGERING: 20x Bonus + Deposit
  • 10 FS on registration
  • Great bonuses
  • 24/7 Support
Wishmaker casino
Release date: Dec 2018
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
500 Free spins £50 Bonus
WAGERING: 40x Free spins 40x Bonus
  • Great welcome bonus
  • Quick signup
  • Get your money quick on withdrawal
Casino Joy
Release date: Oct 2018
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
200 Free spins £200 Bonus
WAGERING: 40x Free spins 40x Bonus
  • Great Promotions
  • Quick Withdrawals
  • Large selection of games
Fun Casino
Release date: Jan 2016
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
100 Free spins £499 Bonus
WAGERING: 50x Free spins 50x Bonus
  • 11 FS on Registration
  • 24/7 Support
  • Great selection of games
Spinit Casino
Release date: Oct 2016
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
200 Free spins £200 Bonus
WAGERING: 40x Free spins 40x Bonus
  • Big Bonus
  • Many Games
  • Freespins
Volt Casino
Release date: Jul 2018
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
120 Free spins
  • Quick Withdrawals
  • 120 Freespins
  • 24/7 Support
Lucky Days Casino
Release date: May 2019
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
180 Free spins £50 Bonus
WAGERING: 40x Free spins 40x Bonus
  • 20 FS on Signup
  • Quick Withdrawals
  • Many Games
UK Casino Club
Release date: Apr 2018
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
£100 Bonus
WAGERING: 60x Bonus
  • Welcome Bonus
  • 24/7 Support
  • Loyalty Program
Zodiac Casino
Release date: Feb 2002
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
88 Free spins £1 Bonus
WAGERING: 60x Free spins 40x Bonus
  • Low minimum deposit
  • 80FS on deposit
  • Quick withdrawals

Casino payments with Visa

Visa is currently one of the most common online and offline payment methods available to shoppers around the world. Not only is Visa a trusted and popular money transfer system for online casinos, but they have been at the forefront of internet payments since internet pay-sites first began. Visa began as a Bank of America experiment with credit cards in 1958, eventually becoming one of the world’s highest grossing and most popular banking institutions today. Visa currently processes over 62 Billion transactions per year both on and offline. Now offering a variety of options, Visa users have the choice of credit, debit or prepaid cards to suit their specific needs. As a company with operations across 6 continents, Visa is one of the safest methods of online payment with many safeguards and fraud detection methods to ensure users feel completely at ease. Today, Visa has become the top non-cash payment method used by people worldwide. It is the number one method used to deposit and withdraw funds from online casino accounts in the United Kingdom and there are more than a billion Visa users worldwide.

Is it Safe?

As an online payment method, Visa is extremely safe. Cards themselves come with several security measures to ensure only the correct person is using it and Visa’s data centres and transaction networks have over 100 different fraud safeguards to prevent any tampering or data theft. Adding funds to your online casino accounts is quick with Visa and is as simple as adding the card details into the payment page of your online account. Transfer into your casino account is instant. When you decide it’s time to cash out your winnings, simply go to the withdrawals page of your casino account, enter your card details and the amount you would like to withdraw. This can take a few hours to a couple of days depending on the casino and your account. In the world of online gaming, there are so many options to choose from, it can become a bit overwhelming. CasinoAdvisers will tell you all you need to know about online casinos including which ones accept Visa and which are offering welcome or top-up bonuses for Visa customers.

Advantages and bonuses when using Visa

There are a number of benefits for using Visa cards to top up your online casino account. Not only are they quick and convenient to use, many casinos offer Visa users bonus casino dollars or free spins when they top up a certain amount or play on specific days. Using a Visa card is one of the quickest methods to add funds to your online account. You can simply use your existing card, which will be familiar to you in terms of associated fees so you won’t be surprised by any extra charges. Paying and playing at online casinos is as easy as buying a bottle of milk. Those with Visa credit and debit cards have access to global support at any time of the day or night, and you can be assured that you will not be held responsible for any unauthorised use of your accounts. The security that is attached to Visa cards is very impressive. The cards themselves can only be used by those in physical possession of the card and the customer protection guarantees make it easy to track your transactions and report stolen or misused cards. In addition to how quick and easy Visa is to use, users are also able to withdraw their money back to their bank account quickly and safely.

Responsible Gaming with Visa-What are my Options?

Many people already use a visa credit or debit card for their everyday online and offline purchases. There are several options for existing and new Visa customers. If you have a current Visa branded credit card, you can use this online while gaming and the amount you choose to upload to your casino account will be withdrawn from your bank as a line of credit. This means it will be paid back by you in the future. For those with a debit card, this is attached to your bank account and the money you choose to spend come directly out of your bank in real time. This means you have access to your own money rather than going into debt with the bank. This is a good option for those who have limits on how much they want to spend at online gaming. For new Visa customers, you can also play online with the benefits of Visa. Gift and prepaid cards are available for everyone, you don’t need to be an existing visa user. Gift cards are purchased with a chosen amount loaded onto them. They are helpful for those on a budget. Prepaid cards function just like a regular debit cards, but the money is loaded onto the card in advance. It can be used virtually anywhere and care great for online gamers who like to try out new casinos as they are not connected to your accounts so you can be sure they are perfectly safe. They also do not allow users to spend more than the limit they have set themselves.

Most popular payment methods

Visa is one of the easiest, most popular way to fund purchases both in the online world and in everyday life. It offers users many benefits including low fees, bonuses, fantastic fraud security and over 60 years of customer support and theft prevention. Although some smaller casinos target users that pay with cryptocurrency, almost every other casino will accept Visa. Visa is one of the easiest ways to withdraw funds as well, some casinos will not allow users to withdraw their funds to a Mastercard or Paypal account but Visa is widely used as a withdrawal method. There are no fees associated with using a Visa debit or prepaid card, although some credit cards have fees that are charged as a percentage so even if you’re topping up or withdrawing more than once, you won’t be over charged. Visa is the perfect companion for both the new or experienced online gamer. It’s certainly the most popular online payment method and is one of the best methods for managing your bankroll.

Low Deposits with Visa

If you are interested in playing new online casinos and deposit with your Visa then we can strongly recommend that you look at our £1 Deposit Casino list which show you all casinos that allow you to start with a deposit as low as £1. This gives you a very low risk since there is not much money you start with on the casinos and can then first try on a low amount before you decide that you want to play for a higher amount.