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PlayOJO Casino

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4 /5

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18+ | T&C Apply – To receive the welcome bonus a minimum deposit of £/€/$ 10 is required. The minimum deposit for other offers that require a deposit will be clearly communicated. Maximum bonus offered will be communicated in the details of each specific promo.


Up To £160 + 70 Free Spins

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Great Support

4.5 /5

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18+ | T&C Apply – To receive the welcome bonus a minimum deposit of £/€/$ 30 is required. The minimum deposit for other offers that require a deposit will be clearly communicated. Maximum bonus offered will be communicated in the details of each specific promo.


Get Up To £50 Deposit Bonus

Quick Withdrawal

Great support

Strong sportsbook

5 /5

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18+ | T&C Apply – To receive the welcome bonus a minimum deposit of £/€/$ 10 is required. The minimum deposit for other offers that require a deposit will be clearly communicated. Maximum bonus offered will be communicated in the details of each specific promo.


11 No Deposit Spins & £200 Bonus




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18+ | T&C Apply – To receive the welcome bonus a minimum deposit of £/€/$ 10 is required. The minimum deposit for other offers that require a deposit will be clearly communicated. Maximum bonus offered will be communicated in the details of each specific promo.

Wishmaker Casino

First Deposit Bonus and 50 Free Spins

Great Bonus

Quick Signup

Quick Withdrawal

3.9 /5

2 User Vote

New players only. 1 bonus offer per player. Min. deposit £20. Max. bonus bet is £5. Bonus spins on selected games only and must be used within 72 hours. Bonus funds expire in 30 days, unused bonus funds will be removed. Bonus funds are 200% match up to £500 on your 1st deposit, 50% match up to £1000 on your 2nd deposit, and 75% match up to £500 on your 3rd deposit. Bonus funds are separate to Cash funds, and are subject to 35x wagering the total bonus, cash & bonus spins. Terms apply. BeGambleAware.

Safe Gambling

We strive to make sure that your gambling sessions are fun and worthwhile from a financial point of view. You can at all times count on us together with our business partners to provide you with high quality offers that have been developed with your needs and aspirations in mind. From casino reviews, tips and tricks, welcome bonus, player tutorials, and many more, there can never be a shortage of information when you visit our site. In today’s world, there is a myriad of gambling sites from left, right and centre with games that look attractive from the outside. However, we urge you to take caution and tread carefully more so, when it comes to new game providers as you could soon be ripped off. Scammers are known to target gullible gamblers with easy to play games including slots since such games attract a massive following in both online and brick and mortar casinos.

All the games information on our site is regularly checked for currency to ensure we do not supply you with junk casino games news. What is more, all our information is broken down for easy understanding from experienced, new players and at times, game providers. There is no reason to risk your hard-earned cash to game providers by placing your bet and wait for lady luck to be on your side while you can master one or two tricks about slots to boost your chances of winning. Let us take a look at how to manage your money, machine strategies, and ways through which you can win the progressive jackpot.

Money management while at play

The slots are undeniably very addictive due to the game’s simplistic method of play: Game providers require player to only spin the reels and wait for the outcome. The lack of control by a player on the outcome is usually the hole in the ship that sinks their gambling funds. There is a high chance of a player thinking that they might be lucky the next time. This makes it hard for one to resist the drift from placing an even more considerable wager amount regardless of whether one is winning or losing. We recommend ring-fencing of your gambling kitty in more than one account to help you gamble responsibly.

Additionally, refrain from recharging you slots’ account using your credit and debit cards by only doing so using other online payment methods. Use of an online payment provider, when depositing or withdrawing money from an online casino, is safe compared to the use of cards when it comes to online games. Online payment providers use encryption and other security features that guarantee the integrity of the whole cash transfer process in games.

When you divide your bankroll into small amounts for play at different sessions, this protects you from overspending. Let’s assume you have a £100 bankroll and divide it into five batches of £20 for play every hour. You should pocket any amount won from game providers and continue playing with the £20 bankroll set aside for every session. Whenever your £20 bankroll is depleted before the end of a session, you should wait for the next while sipping a drink, taking a snack, or walking around. It is essential to shed light on how slots jackpot machines work to establish how you can walk away with the grand prize, which is every player’s dream.

Always check for generous free spins bonuses

When picking casino games, it’s essential to find options which give you the best possible chance of multiplying your stake. And in the world of online gambling, this means focusing on slots which feature generous free spins bonuses.

Free spins are a feature of almost all online slots, but some can be a little stingy with the way they are distributed. So check out suggestions form your casino and fellow gamers, and try a few games for a few spins at a time to get used to how they work. You should get a picture of how easy it is to generate the kind of free spin chains which lead to jackpot wins.

Also, pick casinos which come with bonus spins as part of their operations. Many offer spins for new sign-ups, but the best operators provide regular bonuses for loyal customers. Look for “no deposit” spin bonuses too, as these don’t require users to deposit a certain amount of money before the bonus kicks into gear.

Frequently asked questions

Casino games are not rigged. They are built so the “house” which is the casino will always win in the end. Otherwise there wouldn’t really be a good business if they were just giving money away for free.

There is different payout percentages on all casino games so it can be a good idea to check that on the games before you play.

Unfortunately there is no casino that has a download client for the casino. Microgaming is one of the few that before had that option but it’s not available anymore.

We would recommend to play roulette if you want to have a big chance of winning. There is plenty of systems which can give you an advantage against the casino.

There is plenty of casino providers which has the solution “play for free” which let you play without making a deposit to try the game. We recommend you to check our page “No Deposit Casino Bonus” which is a page where we show casinos that has a bonus offer that you can get without doing a deposit but still give you the possibility to win real money.

There is exactly the same payout percentage when you play for free or when you play with real money. People often think that there is some kind of fraud where it’s easier to win when you play for free but that is false.

There are a few games that have a very low minimum bet like Starburst.

If you are not interested in playing for a large amount then we recommend you to check the page £1 Minimum Deposit Casino to see all casinos where you can make a deposit for a smaller amount of money so you can play with lower risk.

Find games which excite the senses

When playing online slots, it’s essential to remain focused and alert at all times. One false move could result in losing the bonus game, or even failing to move onto the jackpot round. So it’s vital to pick games which keep you interested at all times.

Thankfully, slot manufacturers have invested plenty of money in making their games visually and sonically appealing – with the aim of hooking the player’s attention and extending their play time.

When you load up slots, you’ll instantly be able to tell whether they have the right kind of energy to keep you entertained. So it makes sense to play on a lot of machines for a short period. Don’t judge a game by its avatar on the casino front page. Dive in and find out how it plays.

However, it also makes sense to scroll through the list of available games until you find one which suits your tastes. For instance, slots could have science fiction, fantasy, exotic, sporting, or motoring themes. And they could be linked to popular movie or video game franchises. If you love the genre or source material, you are more likely to fall in love with the casino game version. So check out what’s available.

Get used to the different slot styles

When it comes to game mechanics, online slots have a variety of forms, and you’ll probably have your own favourite version. The first factor to consider is paylines. As with real world casino machines, online games have different numbers of paylines.

Generally, the cost of a spin will rise depending on how many paylines are available, so compare how much you want to spend with the possibility of winning. It’s not always a good idea to go for the cheapest on offer though. Remember, a big win every now and then can dwarf regular small payouts.

Another factor is how simple the user interface is. The most basic online slots have three reels, just like classic fruit machines or “one armed bandits”. These games aren’t sexy or that exciting, but they are really accessible and quick – great for a burst of gambling on a bus journey.

Rising up the complexity scale, video slots tend to have 5 reels and extra reels or boards for sub-games. On these games, the paylines start to multiply, with far more ways to win, and ways to win big. So if you’re comfortable with more complex interfaces, they are the ones to choose.

However, play games through before choosing them for long sessions. Some can be confusing, even for experienced players. And some make it harder than it should be to qualify for bonus rounds.

Take some time to choose the ideal games if you want online gambling success

Picking casinos with generous casino bonuses, finding games which fit your personal tastes, and mastering the various styles of online slots is the route to succeeding on online casinos. If you pick a game you don’t enjoy, or which is too complex for your skills, you’re bound to fail.

So relax, have a look around, and take some time to pick your next challenge. Planning for success is the way to go – and that definitely applies to the online casino world.

Slot Machine Strategies

No player can tell the combinations that will come out to enable hit the jackpot when they spin the reelat their favourite game providers. For starters, there are three types of slot machine games, each with its pitfalls and merits. We have the progressive, multiplier, and the buy-a-pay reel-spinning slots machines. You should always learn first to read the glass to establish which kind of machine you will be playing.

The multiplier slots machine

When playing slots on a multiplier, each coin played, save for when you are playing to hit the jackpot, has proportionate payoffs. You can win ten bars when playing with one coin on a machine that simultaneously accepts three coins. For two coins you win 20 when playing with three bars and 30 for three coins. This notwithstanding, one coin might be paid 500 when playing with three sevens and 1,000 for two coins, but when three coins are played, the returns can skyrocket to 10,000! It is not rocket science to see the importance of reading the glass to avoid playing with a less amount of coins on such machines when the maximum ceiling is way too far.

The buy-a-pay slots machine

When playing slots using a buy-a-pay machine, each coin is valued for a set of pay-out lines or symbols. You should thus, always play at or above the maximum allowed limit. With three coins, the first might win you on the cherry combination; the second one goes to activate the bar pay-outs while the third one does the ultimate, activating the sevens. If you only had one coin when hitting the jackpot, you would get nothing.

The progressive slots machine

It also pays more to play at or above the maximum on a progressive slots machine. When you line up the symbols on a jackpot, each of your coins played receives a percentage of the same. Traditionally, the jackpot in a progressive games machine was established by the number of times a machine had been played, but most game providers in the modern days have electronically linked slots machines. Players can now have a common jackpot in games.

Win progressive prizes on slots

You can win cash prizes in the jackpot slot machines in some ways. Learning how to trigger the progressive prize among different game providers is crucial before you hit the button to start playing. Among the most common ways to hit a slots jackpot include securing a combo at random, getting a share of a community prize when you happen to be a recent player, or winning on a pay line.

Randomly awarded jackpots

When playing slots at machines where prizes are randomly awarded you will only be required to spin the reel. Winning is purely based on how lucky you are during the spin. You automatically win the single jackpot prize which was up for grabs. However, if there were more than two jackpot prizes, game providers will subject you to a random bonus round to win a prize. You can win one or more progressive jackpot prizes in the bonus round, with each having a different value from the other. There are some bonus round games where game providers will guarantee a jackpot prize while in others, you only get a consolation prize. The wheel of fortune or scratch cards are the primary ways used by game providers to award the bonus in the jackpot bonus round. It is, however, important to note that a win can be differently triggered among slots.

Payline jackpot prizes

It is possible for you to win a jackpot prize on paylines in slots. In some classic slots game providers will require you to line up five icons of the jackpot. The restraining rules can at times be so strict requiring you to line up the winning combo on a specified payline. You will be required by game providers to bet on the upper limit for you to be eligible for progressive jackpots in slot machine games where the prizes are paid on pay lines. If you fail to do so and later on win, you can only get a consolation prize.

Community jackpots

Community jackpot prizes can be triggered in either of the above ways or win a prize by being a recent player on a machine, placed a specified bet or being at play when the jackpot is won. In each of these games, you will share part of the jackpot. You should first read the rules on a community jackpot since different game providers have varying rules.