Live Casino

The popularity of live casino games continues to rise with each passing day. More and more online players are looking forward to trying their luck on the various games that are on offer. With these games, it means that players no longer need to leave the comfort of their homes to enjoy a professional and real-life casino experience.

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Live Casino Games

1. Live Casino Blackjack

When playing online, you are likely to come across two live blackjack versions: there is the 7-seat blackjack and the unlimited blackjack. The 7-seat live casino blackjack involves seven players seated on a virtual table and playing with seven different hands. The unlimited blackjack, on the other hand, has a single hand that can be played by an unlimited number of players.
Casino Advisers came to learn that blackjack sides are normally not provided across the playing board. Additionally, the local rules applied by each casino will differ in terms of surrenders, splits, and doubles. Take your time to learn what each casino is offering before you can start playing online blackjack.

2. Live Casino Roulette

All other online games considered, we think roulette is probably the most popular. European roulette is available in many online casinos, but the same cannot be said of its American counterpart. The latter is harder to find in many UK-based live casino betting platforms. For the European roulette, you will find that many casinos pretty much offer one game. It, therefore, comes down to personal preferences, e.g., staking options, the user interface, and the dealers.
It is also worth noting that very many casinos have started introducing additional languages. As such, if English is not your first language, you can look for providers that offer your native language on their tables or a language that you are more familiar with. It never hurts to try out different playing tables.
Automatic roulette has also become a very popular option with many web-based platforms. In automatic roulette, the roulette wheel will normally be spun using compressed air. The results will then be displayed on a live computer where the player gets to see what they have gotten after each spin. Try to find a £1 deposit casino the first time that you are playing roulette, this might help you to learn while playing at a low stake table.

3. Live Casino Baccarat

Baccarat is very popular in Asia. However, many UK casinos have also been including it in their catalogues in a bid to attract more players. Live baccarat also happens to be one of the very few games that are provided in very many versions. For instance, traditional baccarat is available on all platforms.
Leading software providers have also been trying to outdo each other when it comes to live casino baccarat. Evolution Gaming, for example, provides a number of versions, e.g., speed baccarat for those looking for quick games, baccarat squeeze—where a dealer gets to squeeze the playing cards, and controlled squeeze—where the player is in charge of squeezing the playing cards.
Playtech, another software provider also has various versions, e.g., the squeeze baccarat, single and multiplayer squeeze tables, and prestige mini-baccarat. Note that the best live games will normally come with a type of side bet. If you are interested in side bets, you can try out different casinos to see what they have on offer.

4. Live Casino Hold’em

Live Casino hold’em is a game derived from poker. In this game, the player gets to play Texas hold’em against the casino dealer. The dealer and the player will each be dealt two cards. You get an opportunity to either continue playing or hold the hand if you believe you have great cards to beat the dealer.

5. Live Casino Sic Bo

This is a game that casino advisers have found to be very popular with East Asian players. In the game provided by many UK casinos, the player gets an opportunity to bet on the outcome of a dice roll. In the game, the dealer gets to roll a total of three dices at a go. It is recommended that you begin with familiarising with its rules before you start playing.

6. Live Casino Three—Card Poker

This is one of the latest additions to many UK-based casinos. At the moment, Evolution Software is the only gaming provider with this game. The game involves three cards, where the player and the dealer are each offered a set of three cards. The person with the best poker hand gets to win.

7. Live Dragon Tiger

From the name, you can deduce that the game is quite popular with East Asian players. When playing it on a live casino, you will find that the dragon (dealer) will be dealt a single card. A second card will then be dealt to the tiger (player). The players then get a chance to bet on which of the two cards will have the highest hand. The game is simple, but it is one that guarantees a lot of fun.

8. Live Caribbean Poker

Live Caribbean poker is yet another new addition to live casino titles. Currently, the game is provided by live casino players such as Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, and XPROGaming. Each player participating in this game is dealt a total of five cards. For them to beat the dealer, they will need to try and get a better poker hand. Each software provider offers various features, with some providing a progressive jackpot.

9. Live Betting on Poker

Live Bet on Poker is a variation of Texas hold’em. But unlike the traditional game, this particular version allows a total of six players to take part in the game. A player can also choose to bet on more than one hand. The primary difference here is that every time a new hand gets dealt, a new betting round commences.
Each hand gets to be assigned an odd. This means that you also have an opportunity to bet on the winning value that will be held by the winning hand. Note that odds get adjusted every time the dealer deals a new card. This means that you will not be playing against the house or other players, but rather, you will be trying to predict the true outcome of this game.
This means that this live casino game is best suited for players that understand odds and probability. The game is also not quick in any way. You should, therefore, be prepared to spend some quality time on each hand that is being dealt.

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Why Live Casino Has Become a Game Changer

Having taken a look at some of the games available on live casino today, it is time to look at the factors that have made this type of casinos to stand out. According to Casino Advisers, these factors include the following:

1. Online Gaming Has Become Social

Online gaming can be a lot of fun playing alone, but it can also be fun when playing with others. Many online players tend to fancy a little bit of the two worlds. And this is something that makes live casino gaming very similar to other modern-day online games. Online games have started including some social elements in a bid to make them more fun. Many games are doing this by incorporating social rankings and competitions.
Often, a player can collect points on certain games as well as share their latest accomplishments with others. For a live casino, it provides a unique chance for the player to chat with others. Apart from chatting, you can also see others play along, a feature that with no doubt makes the games more exciting. This means that it is possible for you to feel other player’s enthusiasm as they join you in a table to play roulette, poker, or blackjack.

2. Online Gaming with a Personalised Touch

Although online gaming is still very much an anonymous activity, even when playing on a live casino, the various games that have been incorporated by the casino help in providing a good experience that also has a personalised touch. When playing on any table, you will come across different players. Each player will give you a personalized welcome and will send their congratulations every time you get to win. Additionally, if you choose to, you can also engage the other players in an online chat.

3. A Professional Environment

With a live casino, the player gets to see everything that is happening on the floors of the casino. You get to see the dealers dealing cards as other players get to spin the wheels on a real-time basis. As a player, this helps to give you the feeling that all these games are being provided in an honest manner, and in an environment that is truly professional.

Casino Advisers Takeaway

Casino Advisers has noted that live casino has a lot to offer. As seen above, there are many games to try out, with many gaming software providers jumping into the fray to offer different versions of the popular games. This is a clear indication that live casino is here to play, and is a chance for players to experience a real-life playing environment from the comfort of their offices or homes. It can also be a good idea to first find a casino which offers a no deposit bonus in order to try live casino for free but still have a chance to win real money.