New Casinos

New casinos appear all the time and there are now a very large number of UK casinos to choose from. Here at Casino Advisers we only recommend the best new online casinos available for you!

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Wishmaker casino
Release date: Dec 2018
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
500 Free spins £50 Bonus
WAGERING: 40x Free spins 40x Bonus
  • Great welcome bonus
  • Quick signup
  • Get your money quick on withdrawal
Volt Casino
Release date: Jul 2018
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
120 Free spins
  • Quick Withdrawals
  • 120 Freespins
  • 24/7 Support
Greenplay Casino
Release date: Jun 2019
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
50 Free spins £150 Bonus
  • Quick Payouts
  • Free spins
  • Many Games
Release date: Jun 2016
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
150 Free spins
WAGERING: 45x Free spins
  • World's happiest casino
  • Daily challenges
  • Fantastic support
Vegas Luck Casino
Release date: Sep 2019
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
50 Free spins
  • Good Bonus
  • Quick Banking
  • Many Slots
Rizk Casino
Release date: Dec 2016
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
50 Free spins £100 Bonus
WAGERING: 20x Bonus + Deposit
  • 10 FS on registration
  • Great bonuses
  • 24/7 Support
Release date: Jun 2012
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
30 Free spins £300 Bonus
WAGERING: 30x Free spins 30x Bonus
  • 30 FS on registration
  • High first deposit bonus
  • Fantastic gamifications
Release date: Apr 2017
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
100 Free spins £100 Bonus
WAGERING: 30x Free spins 60x Bonus
  • 20 FS on registration
  • Low wagering
  • High welcome offer
Release date: Dec 2014
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only

£50 No Wagering Bonus

  • Quick withdrawals
  • Great Support
  • Very strong sportsbook
BGO Casino
Release date: Nov 2012
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
10 Free spins £200 Bonus
WAGERING: 40x Bonus + Deposit
  • 10 FS on registration
  • Great Bonus offer
  • Quick Withdrawals
Wildz Casino
Release date: Jun 2019
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
200 Free spins £500 Bonus
WAGERING: 35x Free spins 35x Bonus
  • Great Welcome Bonus
  • Quick Withdrawals
  • Many Games
Lucky Days Casino
Release date: May 2019
18+ | T&C's Apply New Customers Only
180 Free spins £50 Bonus
WAGERING: 40x Free spins 40x Bonus
  • 20 FS on Signup
  • Quick Withdrawals
  • Not available in UK

New Casinos with quality

If you need to find the best new casinos in the UK, you will have to ask yourself what constitutes a good online casino. Looks may be deceptive, so high-quality graphics on the casino website may not necessarily translate into a good gambling site. You may need to weight the benefits of the new casinos and compare them with the setbacks before plunging headfirst into the business of making stakes. You also have to be aware of the new trends in the gambling world and understand why most of them offer ambitious bonuses to clients. Before letting the possibility of winning big get the better of you, keep in mind that some new casinos don’t merit your consideration. Here are some important points to consider before signing up for a new gaming platform.

Find the right new casino

What is a new casino?

Before you embrace a glorified ad of a certain casino on the market, you should be able to distinguish between completely new casinos and those on re-launch. A new casino is one that is appearing on the scene for the very first time. Such a gambling site often comes with lots of goodies to entice clients and to carve out its niche in the market already teeming with thousands of betting sites. Since online casinos are immensely popular, new sites will dangle new concepts and a diversity of games to keep you interested and thrilled. A new site naturally has to look for something new to brand itself with and distinguish it from existing companies. So, if you are hunting for a new betting site, find out if those under your crosshairs have something unique and different to offer.

Casinos on re-launch often have a history that you can easily trace – if you make Google your friend. Some may be a bit crafty, but you should be wise to see right through their trickery. Some may simply change their outer shells through a clever change of name or label, but still very much the same deep inside. Consequently, we may advise you to get off your laurels and conduct a little background research on new casinos before opting to sign up and placing your bets. But you may not have to worry so much because strict regulations are in place and they force all business to observe moral probity and practicing honesty. However, you can’t quite rule out the possibility of a few miscreant gangs taking advantage of your ignorance to lure you into their trap. As casino advisers, we provide you with useful; information about new casinos so you can make an informed decision when settling on one.

Advantages of new sites

So why the craze for new casinos? Millions of people around the world are constantly logging in to gambling sites to play poker, slots and a variety of other games for money or pleasure, and quite a chunk of this population are always on the lookout for a new site. Like a new cloth line fashion, players have the urge to experience the thrill and adventure of trying out a new gambling company. You will find as many reasons as possible to join a new online casino, but we will point out the most significant ones as follows:

Everybody loves convenience

Who wouldn’t love the convenience of playing at any time anywhere? Most new casinos offer their services across multiple platforms, including Android and iOS on mobile devices. The implication here is that you can access the casino site whenever and wherever as long as you have access to your smartphone or tablet. You could be relaxing in your garden, or whiling the time away at work, or in a plane to London, and still be able to place a few bets and hopefully win some cash while on the move. However, we advise you not to stake any amount of money you wouldn’t want to lose. Remember gambling is a game of chance, so don’t put your family savings on the line. We have a responsible gambling section on our website where we give you advices on how to keep track of your gambling to it ever gets to much. There are also various services online that can help you to keep track of this.

A variety of deposit methods

New casinos need to rope in as many clients as possible, and one way of ensuring this feat succeeds is availing flexible deposit methods. Because you will be playing the games online, you have to make your deposits into a real money account. This account has to be separate from your personal account to avoid any tense moments. Most new bookmakers provide from five to ten deposit methods, including the use of a credit or debit cards. You may also make direct payments to the bookmaker using electronic checks. If you are lucky, you may stumble upon a casino bonus when you make your deposits using a certain method. We at Casino Advisers would like to recommend you trying out Trustly which often then also offer you a Pay N Play option which help you getting up and running within just a few minutes!

The thrill of huge bonuses

The carrot dangled by new casinos invariably constitutes of huge bonuses ranging from 50% of the initial deposit, to as much as 100% of match bonuses. The new casinos may wrap it nicely under the label of welcome bonus, or a new deposit bonus – or just about any catchphrase that is likely to attract new punters to the site. Some may even offer free additional bonuses to new gamblers who want to try their luck on an assortment of games.

A global platform

How would you fancy interacting with players from different corners of the planet? Well, new casinos offer you the opportunity to play against punters from America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. They offer an environment where you can learn from their skills and help you improve in your online gambling. If you are able to hone your skills, you may increase your chances of winning big or even hitting the jackpot.

Free games to play

New players may not be so comfortable with the idea of staking out their money on games at new casinos. The novices too may need to gather some experience before they can get the nerve to dive into the treacherous world of gambling. New casinos have them covered because they provide free games, and players don’t need to stake their money. They then have the opportunity to practice their skills, improve then start placing their bets.

New Casino Sites UK

It may not be humanly possible to state exactly how many casinos come up every year around the globe. However, online gaming has gained a lot of traction in recent years and entrepreneurs have tried to cash into this trend by setting up new casinos at every possibility. In the UK, you can expect a couple of big launches every year and many small ones per month. It does not require knowledge of rocket science to understand that the number of newly established casinos has increased over the years, especially with the diversification of games and expansion of the gambling market. Many new casinos have gone live this year and you can find them all above in the top-list.

We advise you to keep checking our site as we are constantly updating the list of new casinos as new ones can come up at any time. You need to keep abreast of these constant changes so you can know when to make use of the free spins and the most opportune moment to stake your money.

Why new casinos offer hefty bonuses

Like any other industry, new entrants into the market have to find ways of snatching customers from the existing competitors. To stay afloat in the highly competitive world of gambling, new casinos have to offer spectacular terms and deals to customers to pry them away from the grip of the established monsters. Since we need you to reap maximum benefits from these offers, we at casinoadvisers will help you to review the list of new casinos so that you can maximize your chances of winning when you finally make the decision to play. It is also important to check the small print – don’t let the big bonuses sweep you off your feet just yet! Read the terms and conditions carefully to understand the requirements. For example, some casinos may not allow you to cash in your bonuses unless they fulfill the threshold requirements. Some may require you to roll the bonus over three or five times before you can withdraw any winnings you may have made. Still, some casinos may not allow you to withdraw any winnings made by staking the welcome bonus.

The importance of the casino license

Before the hefty welcome bonuses and free spins can get into your head, you need to stop and find out if the casino is licensed to operate in your country, or wherever it is you are. Like any other business, new casinos have to operate in accordance with the laws of the land; hence, the need for a license. The Gambling Commission oversees gambling activities in the UK, while countries in the rest of the EU region have their different regulations in place. You will feel safe navigation through the company’s website if it has a valid license to operate in the country. However, you may feel the appearance of goose pimples on your skin if you plunge into an unlicensed website.
It would also be prudent to check if the existing legal structures allow the particular casino of interest to operate in your country. You already know that some casinos may have been barred or are restricted from offering their services in particular countries. Although most casinos operate in the UK, some countries such as the US can be selective. Therefore, you may not be able to access certain bookmakers when you are within the US territories however big their bonuses may be.

The casinos to avoid

We at CasinoAdvisers test all casinos that are coming into the market and won’t list any bookmaker that doesn’t meet our standards. Our yardstick for good new casinos covers secure payment options, proper license, and good customer service. We also keep an eye out for the theme and game selection, as well as the bonuses on offer, and will keep you updated on these offers though they may not contribute to a good casino. We focus on the games, and the more games a client can play the better. The limited number of games means that the casino in question has not diversified enough and hence may lack the financial muscle to effect huge payments – in the unlikely chance that you hit the jackpot. So, if anything is not on our site, it may not be worth your consideration. We go down under to collect all the information available on a new casino before determining whether it is worthwhile or not.

Playing from abroad

It may be important to know whether you can access the new casinos from other countries. This information could be necessary especially for travelers and tourists, but who still need to keep trying their luck in gambling while on the go. Our research shows that you can play at most of the new casinos licensed in the UK regardless of your location. These online bookmakers are also 100% tax-free for UK players, whether locals or foreigners. The implication here is that you won’t have to worry about anything eating into your hard-fought winnings, or the crazy bonuses offered to you by the bookmakers.

Location Restrictions

At casinoadvisers, we understand that you won’t fancy casinos that restrict you to one location. It could be quite inconveniencing especially during the festive season, or those long cold days when you need to travel abroad to sunbathe. You need a casino that moves with you, offering you the flexibility to play your favourite games from the Caribbean beaches or somewhere in Honolulu. And if come across new casinos that aren’t accessible from the other side of the planet, we let you know so that you can decide whether to sign up or pass them. Essentially, for any new casinos to make it to our site, they are worth your consideration because we ensure they fulfill all the basic requirements before displaying them.

FAQ for New Casinos

Why do new casinos offer high bonuses?

Every month there is a few new online casinos opening up in the UK targeting all players.
It’s very hard for a new casino to get new players to try it out for the first time so in order to get new players they offer hefty bonuses to attract new players. We do recommend you to carefully read through the bonus terms and conditions before you decide to try a new casino since they tend to have wagering requirements. Best is if you find a new casino which offers a good no deposit bonus.

Where can I find new casinos in UK?

There is a lot of tings that we would recommend that you check before you try a newly launched casino. First of all you should always try to read recommendation to see how the depositing methods and withdrawal methods are working. Then there is always the bonuses, both on registration and your first deposit. We would recommend you to find a new casino in our top-list and then read through the review before you register.

Could new casinos be better than established casinos?

You may wonder why new casinos are making their entry into the market almost on a daily basis while thousands or even millions of established bookmakers are in existence. Well, most existing casinos usually have many clients and may not bother so much about newcomers. Consequently, as a new player, you may feel left out as the bookmaker doesn’t need to struggle so much to impress you. New casinos, on the other hand, have everything to lose if they don’t offer special attention to new clients. As such, they provide excellent customer care services, give a variety of games and offer hefty bonuses to attract and maintain the loyalty of new customers.

Trends in the casino world

The casino world continues to undergo constant evolution, especially with the advent of technology. New sites are coming up loaded with all sorts of features, some essential while others border on the bizarre. Although different sites display various latest developments, we have identified a few common trends in the gambling industry, especially in regard to the online platform. They are as follows:


Many new casinos have created gamer themes to keep their clients glued to their sites. Nevertheless, gamification is purely psychological seeing that they cannot guarantee your winning. Since you can’t always win, something else has to be in place to sustain your interest. Consequently, they have turned gambling into a game, and a good number of players are playing purely for entertainment rather than making wins. Games such as dice and card games provide a thrilling experience, especially if you can play against players from different parts of the world. You can always derive some satisfaction in playing against gurus from Russia, or Spain, and may not worry so much about losing your stakes. Basically, gambling is becoming a pastime to many.

Spirit of adventure

Some new online casinos, such as Casumo, are imparting the spirit of adventure into casino games. When you sign up, you get carried away by the spirit of adventure and as you proceed from one level to another, you receive rewards along the way, and you can convert them into real money. Several other new casinos such as Kaboo and Cashmo have also embraced the adventure concept.

Virtual reality

This revolutionary technology is relatively young, but it has not stopped some ambitious bookmakers from trying it out on their sites. Consequently, you are likely to come across new casinos with the VR Casino label. It is a huge breakthrough and you may want to check it out, and experience blackjack like never before. We at casino advisers are waiting with bated breath for new VR casinos to hit the market so we can analyse them for you.

Advent of online currencies

A common trend for new casinos is the introduction of online currencies, mostly the Bitcoin. Globalisation has made it possible for people from different corners of the world to speak a common language and practice a common culture but what has been separating them is currency. The lack of a common currency has led some casino owners to think outside the box and adapt to new internet currencies to help bridge the world currency barrier. Some casinos are already accepting and making payments in Bitcoins, and more are likely to embrace this currency in the coming years.

High resolution graphics

Have you logged into any new online casino lately? If you haven’t, try today and you will come face to face to mind-boggling graphics, tuned to the highest possible HD format. Standard definition has become a thing of the past on almost all websites, and some have gone a notch higher to adopt 4K technology on their sites. The pictures, videos, and texts are so exciting that you may be tempted to sign up even before you can read the fine print.

Bottlenecks of new casinos

We wouldn’t be too fair if we gave the disadvantages of new casinos a blind eye. As usual, anything you come across must have two sides of the coin. Though new casinos come with a host of benefits, there is no denying the fact that they may also pose certain bottlenecks to players. It should be obvious not all new casinos will be perfect because they are appearing on the market for the first time. It may take some time for the new casinos to hit their best, but you have nothing to worry about since we highlight only the highest quality gambling sites that we think you can try out your luck.

Cons of New Online Casinos

The common setback with some new casinos is a below par customer service. Since they are just starting out, some don’t have sufficient wherewithal to put in place a well-trained and efficient customer service desk, and as such players may encounter an unsatisfactory customer service in case they need it. The support staff may not be in a position to satisfactorily answer all your questions, not because they don’t like you but because they have no idea.

Another common bottleneck is limited games on offer. Not all casinos have sufficient financial muscle to invest heavily in game diversification on their sites. However, such casinos may not make it to our site because it is one of the factors we look at before listing them. We know you need a variety of games to play, so you can increase your chances of making a win. A variety of games also give you the flexibility to try out those games in which you are an expert.

How to find new online casinos

We estimate that over 100 casinos have been launched this year in the UK, and due to increased competition, most of these new casinos sites are targeting a smaller audience. But you need to be aware that the number of new casinos may vary from one month to the next, and from year to year. Nevertheless, we are constantly scanning the market for new casinos and availing the information to you. Though it may not be easy to identify the best, we use several factors to help you do it. Look out for free spins, bonuses, payment methods, and design.

After scanning the market for new casinos, we sign up at each to subject it to thorough tests, you definitely can’t analyse it without accessing the site, and the only way to do it is to sign up. Having signed up, we look at the general layout of the sight, check the payment methods, analyse the games on offer and give a thorough consideration of the bonuses and any free spins if available. If the selected casino is good enough, we write a comprehensive review so you can have all the information you need. What is more, we can also negotiate for unique and better bonuses for you with the new casinos.

Play from wherever you want

Whatever your gambling fantasies, we have casinos just for you. Whether you are on your way to work, flying to the countryside, or sitting in front of your TV, you will find an appropriate casino that supports all platforms. And you won’t have to break a sweat because we do the analysis, and you select what is good for you. We promise you only the best as we line up hundreds of new casinos so you can choose those that match your gambling budget as well as your tastes and preferences. Keep checking this website for the latest developments in the gambling world because new casinos make their grand entries onto the casino market almost on a daily basis.

Features of top new casinos for UK players

A unique niche marks the most exciting new casinos in the UK. At the moment, adventure casinos are riding on a long wave of popularity as many people love the different challenges at each level and the rewards for each. Nevertheless, new online casinos have several features in common. The most prominent of these common features are great bonuses, with most giving more than 100% bonus on first deposits. What is more, most of these casinos offer bonuses on second and third deposits. You may also get free spins on quite a number of the casinos.

New Online Casino Platforms

All of the new casinos support a mobile platform. You can access the site on any mobile devices, and be able to play the games on the go or from the comfort of your living room. And you will love the fact that most of them offer live games. However, new gambling sites may face similar challenges, such as untested customer service arising from lack of exposure. Due to financial constraints, they may also not offer a wide range of games; thus, tying you up to just a few games. But you can always find your way around this setback by visiting our site for an updated list of the best new casinos across the globe.

New sites every day

Many new online casinos are coming into existence every day, while thousands of existing bookmakers are plying their trade in all corners of the globe. You will be forgiven if you are at a loss as to which casinos are worth your time and money. However, we at casino advisers are on hand to help you navigate through the treacherous world of online gambling. We go to great lengths to scan the gambling market for new sites and institute various checks to see if any of these casinos are worth considering. We need you to have fun gambling while increasing your chances of winning, or even hitting the jackpot. We bring you the bonuses and free spins for each new casino so you can make your decision. Essentially, we provide you with all the tools you require to feel safe, secure and confident as you dash off in search of adventure and jackpots.